Frequently asked questions

  1. Do my buttons all have to be the same design?
    No, they can be 30 completely different buttons, or 30 identical buttons, it’s up to you.

  2. Can I make buttons out of photos?
    They must be colour copied onto regular weight photocopy paper first.
  3. Do I need to cut the circles out before I come in?
    No, we have a special circle cutter to make life easier.
  4. Can I make more than one size of button?
    Yes, but you must make a minimum of 30 buttons of each size.
  5. Can you help me design my buttons?
    No, sorry we cannot. Perhaps you have a friend with some computer skills.
  6. How long will it take to make 30 buttons?
    We would suggest giving yourself at least one hour.
  7. Are there different prices if I am making more than 30? 50? 100?
    No, unless you would like to make more than 500. If so, please call us and we will discuss.

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