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Brandy Fedoruk

Title: Co-founder, Partial President & Answerer of Telephone.

Brandy comes from 100% pure Ukrainian blood. She would like it to be known that in her family the proper way to say perogy is puh-dah-heyh. While growing up on Vancouver Island she developed a love for the sea & later spent some time sailing upon it.

Likes: most shades of brown, olives, sailors, sleeping & sour cream.

Dislikes: seasickness & putting the duvet back in the duvet cover.

Method (1997-2014)

Title: Rebecca's Cat

Job Description: Financial Advisor and in charge of all things string.

Likes: eating, sleeping, Rebecca.

Dislikes: almost everything else.

This is our wonderful drink fountain.

Purchased by Brandy, Rebecca and our dear friend Kristin at the Flea Market, splitting the cost three ways for a total of $13 each. It is a thing of beauty and can be seen in its full glory at occasional store events.

Books are usually filled with lots of text. We like text. Sometimes books have pictures. We like that too. We like reading. And we like making our own books. There really isn’t anything about books we don’t like.  

Rebecca Ann Dolen

Title: Co-founder, Partial President & Locator of Lost Items.

Rebecca spent the early years of her life moving from one small town to another across the prairies of Alberta. Now she’s all grown up, and spends most of her free time investigating the connection between foot shape and food preference after recently discovering she has identical feet and a very similar taste palate to her grandmother.

Likes: riding mine bike, drawing, kittens, marching bands & fireworks.

Dislikes: tomatoes, messy, angry!

We use both the trusty hammer and the magnificent scissors on a daily basis. Even though we own several of each, their location is often a mystery. In a studio nine feet by twelve you would think they couldn’t wander far, but a pair of our scissors once made its way to a small village in the north of Italy and later mailed us a postcard.   

This is a piece of lead type from the letterpress equipment we have in our studio. On days when there is a little time for daydreaming, we dream that one day we might actually have time to make beautiful things with it.